iMy: MySQL on iPhone

While processing my inbox I noticed a Google ad for

MySQL on iPhone

MySQL on iPhone

MySQL on the iPhone. Is anyone running this? I’d love to try but I got a G1.

5 responses to “iMy: MySQL on iPhone

  1. It’s only a client, and I’m not very comfortable connecting to a database through a wireless medium. :-\

  2. Thanks for the mention. If you do get an iPhone, drop me an email. I will get you a promo copy to test.

    Version 1.3 is in the approval process right now by Apple. It is mainly a bug fix release.

  3. Thanks David. Any plans to port it to Gphone?

  4. Joe,

    It would be a total rewrite, and it is hampered by two problems. One, I don’t have a device to test on, and two, which is a much bigger problem, is that I am, at best, a novice at Java. The iPhone version has the advantage of using native MySQL libraries for maximum speed.

    That is not to say I won’t try one day, but not soon.

  5. Muhammad Ali

    Guys, I am totally novice. If anyone can explain to me why one would install Database on a mobile phone such as an iPhone

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