Monthly Archives: February 2011

SCALE, LA Robotics and other Meetups

Just wanted to do a quick update about the Meetups we’re running.

First of all, if you’re attending SCALE, we have a booth there. Drop by and say hello!

In some other news, we’re now doing a Robotics Club.

Another one to watch is LAWebSpeed. The groups only average about 20 attendees, but they are of the highest quality. If your concern is performance, you are by definition dealing with successful sites. But if you’re not (yet), it won’t hurt to learn from those in the trenches.

Coming up on Feb 21st is a talk by Amazon Technology Evangelist, Jinesh Varia. We’re running this one in conjunction with LAPHP and LAMPSIG.

Last but not least, let me add that on February 15th, Frank Mashraqi will present Real-life Use Cases from Data Administration Hell.

If the awesome things you’ll learn aren’t enough for you, the fine folks at Coloft will not only be providing the venue, food and beverages, but to celebrate their new business called NoodleYard, they are offering us an Apple TV to raffle off! And Frank is bringing thirty $105 Google Adsense coupons for raffle.

See you there!