Monthly Archives: June 2009

Los Angeles MySQL Meetup on Wednesday & other news

With all the changes between MySQL and Meetup Corporation, our Los Angeles MySQL Meetup has been in flux. But I’m happy to note that Navicat was kind enough to sponsor us for now & if that ever falls through, OpenQuery with the administration of Sheeri are ready to step in as well if needed. This just shows what a great community MySQL is.

Now that we have some stability on that end, we finally have a Meetup scheduled for this Wednesday.

Tod Landis will present Entrance. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please pop by. These Meetups are a lot of fun and very educational.

In other news, I’ve stepped down as lead organizer for the PHP and Semantic Web meetups. There are only so many hours in a day…

On the PHP side, I just wanted to kick start the Meetup in the hopes that someone else would take it over. Thankfully, Oleg Baranovsky agreed to take the lead and he’s done a great job so far with two meetups already behind his belt.

On the Semantic Web side, semweb guru Marco Neumann is back in charge, with a lot of help from the capable hands of Hung Tran.

I’m still a co-organizer for the other two and will try to help the new organizers out wherever possible. These are some quality guys who have stepped up to help the webdev community in Los Angeles.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!