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Peter Mika presents Yahoo! Search Monkey

On the heels of a Facebook meetup, we had Peter Mika present a Yahoo! Search Monkey meetup as well. The presentation was excellent. For an idea of what Yahoo! Search Monkey can do, just look at the recent announcements made of how Facebook is using the technology.

We have photos and slides if you want more info.

I’ll leave you with the Search Monkey song.


Powerpoint presentation of Facebook DBAs Chris Schneider & Kevin Knapp is now online

We had a great turnout for the Scaling MySQL Meetup last night. Chris had a pleasant surprise as he brought in Kevin Knapp as a co-speaker.

We wanted to record the event, but due to technical difficulties with Webex, we were unable to do so. However the slides are up now. We also posted a few pictures.

Chris’ team has done an amazing job. They have ~800 memcached servers handling 95% of the load. The comparative figures for Facebook vs. other major players shows how unique their setup is.

Since I don’t have a video to show you, as a consolation here is an earlier video done with a panel that included Facebook’s Jeff Rothschild.

Thanks to Scott for MC’ing the event last night and Naz for helping set up.

iMy: MySQL on iPhone

While processing my inbox I noticed a Google ad for

MySQL on iPhone

MySQL on iPhone

MySQL on the iPhone. Is anyone running this? I’d love to try but I got a G1.

Pictures of the informal Los Angeles PHP / MySQL / Semantic Web meetup

The pictures are up for the February 8, 2009 PHP / MySQL / Semantic Web informal meetup.

Dec 31st, 2009 is end of life for I.E. 6 – Pass it on

Following up on the Norway “push” to throw IE6 off the cliff, Mozilla’s Christopher Blizzard suggests we choose an end date for when we stop supporting IE6, say December 31st, 2009, pass it on.