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Is your site slow? Come to our meetup and have experts tear your site apart!

Yes, I did just say that! No, don’t be scared. No one will bite you! We’ll just help you make your site faster.

And not only is it free, not only can it help you become a better web developer…but we often have raffles, giving away books and more.

So if you’re in Los Angeles on December 7th, RSVP here:
Meet for Speed.

Ryan Witt will be leading the session.

Live in another city? Not to worry. Just ping me or Sergey and we’ll point you to your nearest Meet for Speed location.

Slides & photos of L.A. Meetup presentations of Sphinx, Mysql Sandbox & MySQL 5.1 rolling in

We had a great meetup last night with Andrew Aksyonoff, Giuseppe Maxia and Sheeri Cabral. It was special to have so many top speakers all in one night. Here are the photos.

Sheeri filmed the meetup and will have the video up soon. Her presentation was on “What’s new in MySQL 5.1”. Here are the slides in PDF, and notes via blog post. If you’re thinking about upgrading, check it out. I had read the release notes earlier but there were definitely some points I didn’t quite realize until hearing the talk.

Giuseppe‘s slides will be up soon. The Sandbox is so cool. I will have to try it out after seeing that demo…

Andrew’s slides are here. It’s truly amazing what he has acheived with Sphinx. Among the major sites powered by Sphinx are MySQL.com, Meetup, Craigslist, phpBB, Geeks To Go, Joomla.org, ThePirateBay.org and many more.

Need to tag your content? Use Open Calais

Tom Tague presented Open Calais to our Semantic Web Meetup in L.A. last night. If you need to tag your content, or pull semantically meaningful data AUTOMATICALLY, use Open Calais, API key needed. There is a WordPress plugin called Tagaroo. I wish I could install it here but it doesn’t work on wordpress.com (yet?).

The technology is damn impressive. Thanks to Marco for setting it up all the way from New York and Krista for all her hard work and the pizza of course!

Just for fun I’m going to run this post through the Open Calais demo and see the results. Watch for it in the comments.

How Open Calais tagged this post

How Open Calais tagged this post

Slides are in for Franck Leveneur’s MySQL Stored Procedures presentation

Franck Leveneur gave a nice tutorial on MySQL stored procedures and functions at Yahoo! on Tuesday and the slides are now in: HTML, PDF.

Navicat and ZManda offered license and discounts to attendees, and since we didn’t have a bowl to put everyone’s name in, Franck did a “SELECT * FROM participant ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 1;” to obtain the winner 🙂

PHP Meetup @ Mahalo was great, MySQL tonight

The Mahalo PHP Meetup was a lot of fun. Firstly, Sharon Levy had a great presentation with cool sound effects. That definitely gets your attention…

It’s always good to watch the best techniques presenters use to engage the audience, and not being afraid to play some mood music is definitely one to add to your bag of tricks.

Another cool tip is what I saw Tim Ash do at SES NY a year ago. Bribing. Ask tough questions and offer $10 to the person with the correct answer. Think the audience members were dozing off by the second question? I think NOT!

After Sharon’s presentation, the group stuck around about 7 hours(!) to chat and watch the web shows Mahalo put on. Jason Calacanis with Kevin Rose on This Week in Tech, followed by LeVar Burton and Samm Levine on Kevin Pollak’s very first web show.

On top of it, Mahalo bought plenty of pizza and refreshments to keep the crowd well fed 🙂 Pictures here.

Up tonight, Franck Leveneur‘s talk @ Yahoo! sounds like it will be very enlightening to the MySQL crowd.

Meetup founder auctioning Cloud.com at Cloud Computing Platform

Scott Heiferman, CEO of Meetup, is going to auction off Cloud.com. It’s a fantastic name and the perfect place to sell it.

Peter Mika presents Yahoo! Search Monkey

On the heels of a Facebook meetup, we had Peter Mika present a Yahoo! Search Monkey meetup as well. The presentation was excellent. For an idea of what Yahoo! Search Monkey can do, just look at the recent announcements made of how Facebook is using the technology.

We have photos and slides if you want more info.

I’ll leave you with the Search Monkey song.