Today I rollerbladed alone

Yesterday I started a new Meetup. Santa Monica Techcersizers. I know. The name sucks. The wording on the page is bad. I’m old. I’m fat. I’ve been told this is crazy. Daily is too often. It’s too early. This won’t succeed.

You know what? Who cares? I woke up at 7am. Knowing I’d rollerblade alone. But just in case someone showed up, I had to be there. Not for myself. Not to get in shape. Not because it was easy. But because I owe it to whoever else might by chance show up.

So I rollerbladed alone. About 8 miles. From here to here. And back. I will probably rollerblade alone again tomorrow. And the day after.

Who cares? In one month I’ll be a month older. And a bit thinner. And I won’t be rollerblading alone. Because one of you reading this will join me.

You’re in the tech business. You live around Santa Monica. The best place in the world to exercise. You will meet like-minded people. You will improve your health. This will be good for mind, body, spirit and yes, even wallet.

The only things stopping you are excuses.

So see you at SaMoTech Beach one of these days. I won’t be rollerblading alone forever.


4 responses to “Today I rollerbladed alone

  1. Joe, if I lived closer you would certainly not be roller blading alone. I would love to join you! I hope you find your roller clan and have a blast doing so. Best of luck and congrats on just getting out there and doing it solo! Oh, and thanks again for being the idea guy behind Global Accessibility Awareness Day!!

  2. Thank you! Next time you’re in LA, join the RB gang!

  3. Haha! I love this… Joe, I know exactly what you’re talking about. In fact I’ve been getting more active over the last year or so myself, and alone as well. After spending enough days doing nothing but working in front of the computer, you start to think “I gotta figure out how to get out and do active stuff”. I’ll try to email you, I may be able to do the (bike) ride you mentioned tomorrow at 7:15 am if your still going.

  4. fedemorilla

    i rollerblade alone to. Come to argentina. The streets are crap, some people will scream you fagot, but you will not alone.

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