How did you mark the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

Logo for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

First, thanks for getting involved in the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
We’ve created this blog space to let you share with the world how you took part in
GAAD. Perhaps you went mouseless for an hour. Maybe you tried NVDA or another
adaptation. Some of you may have used the WAVE toolbar on a page or set of pages that
you developed and learned just how accessible (or not) these are to users with different disabilities. And if you attended an event, let us know what you thought.

Get talking and sharing!


2 responses to “How did you mark the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

  1. Here at Knowbility we in the homestretch our preparation for John Slatin AccessU, our annual accessibility training conference. But we could not resist the opportunity to jump in to the celebration of the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day. We love the arts around here and often partner with WSA Texas on accessible arts and performance events. So we decided to team up with them to make an instructional belly dance video downloaded from YouTube fully accessible by adding captions and audio description. Among the barriers to solve are these:
    – Can the player controls be found and operated from the keyboard?
    – Are the captions accurate and synced?
    – Is the audio description accurate and synced?
    We will let you decide. Around our office today we are having quite the time with these descriptions. …and amidst a lot of laughter, we are also learning a ton. We’ll keep you posted as we have our video ready for prime time. This is fun, guys, thanks for launching this initiative!

  2. I just recently learned about your website and about today being gaad. I have very limited mobility and limited use of only one hand. I navigate my computer using DragonDictate and I also have an android that automatically answers my calls and I am learning how to make calls through voice commands. I am a recently published author and really want to be able to read the works of others, but I am unable to use any of the e-books that are out there. I wrote an article on this topic a few months ago, but as of yet, no one else has read it. I would love to send it to you if you are interested in my view of this topic. Please let me know.

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