Open letter to the people of Brevard County who were laid off from the Shuttle Program

I am posting this as a result of a private Facebook exchange kicked off by Heather Meeker. She was saddened by this 60 Minutes report about all the people of Brevard County who are being devastated by the Shuttle cancellation. A fellow named Ben, whose post got dropped somehow by Facebook, wrote something that inspired me to eventually write this. My thanks go out to them.

I want this post to inspire all the great people of Brevard County, who should be proud of everything they achieved with the Shuttle Program.

Do not despair. Do not give up. Take control of your lives for your sake. For the country’s sake. For the pride of the people of The United States of America.

I know it sucks. Who cares?

It’s depressing. Who cares?

“The Man” let us down. Again….. Who cares?

Someone. Anyone of you, put a stake in the ground. Start a company. You don’t even need to spend a penny upfront. Form it in your head. And invite every other employee that was laid off to join you. In their heads.

Just write a blog post. Get everyone to add their names in a moderated comment section. That is your employee list. Then start the second SpaceX-style company. Watch some Elon Musk interviews to inspire you.

He did it. So can you. NO. So WILL you.

Get that started and you will have Venture Capital behind you. You will get press. You will get the people. Their hearts. Their minds. Their wallets. In fact. Put it on Kickstarter. You will have the LARGEST project in the history of Kickstarter.

Still reading? Well what are you waiting for? Just DO IT!


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