Kill Science

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Saw something really fascinating on Hacker News.


I only skimmed the article and bookmarked it, but just love the approach.

Too bad most people don’t rethink the fundamental basis of sciences once they become dogma.

There should be a field of science that does nothing but read original sources and scour them for corrections we’d make given current knowledge.I’ll give you an example in Dentistry.

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There is a debate about mercury fillings. Since so many people have mercury in their teeth, the ADA obviously would look bad if they would suggest anything other than it being harmless.

But can you imagine if the “science” of filling teeth began in today’s world? Picture a researcher suggesting the following substances:

* Arsenic
* Mercury
* A non-toxic substance

to fill teeth. It’s pretty obvious that Mercury would be almost as much of a non-starter as arsenic. But because it’s already an established process, it is still being done by some dentists and the practice is defended by the industry.

The modern Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (US layout)

Dvorak Keyboard Image via Wikipedia

There are countless qwerty-keyboards in the sciences and we should begin to systematically find them and refactor.

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