Top Posts of 2011

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Seems like a PHP meme is growing, where you highlight your favorite posts of the year. While it’s a bit self promotional, it’s also the one time of year you can give some old posts a second chance.

1. Got good feedback from tips on getting your talk accepted at a conference. I’m actually thinking of expanding that article together with advice on technical career development, maybe turning it into a book. Hear me out before you say it’s stupid.

I think awesome developers are not getting the recognition they deserve. Much of it because many are introverted and scared to death of speaking in public. Secret admission, I have the same fear. That’s one of the main reasons I started running meetups. To conquer my biggest fear. There is MUCH you can do to overcome the fear. And in our particular field, much to gain as well.

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2. Maybe 5 people saw my post on a memory trick I started using. Got no feedback on it at all. But still like it 🙂

3. I floated the idea of a new HTTP header. Someone from Mozilla said he liked it (iirc it was Ben Adida). Which prompted me to get some invaluable advice from Manu Sporny. Man, hats off to people who get things done at W3C. It takes a lot of work. Maybe one day, but I’m too busy for now.

Ben Adida

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4. One of the most important posts I ever wrote was another proposal, to create a Global Accessibility Awareness Day for developers. I’ve been mulling it over for awhile and it’s time to make this happen. If you check out no other post, please look at that one.

Was very glad it got a lot of attention. It’s now in someone’s slides as an official “Day”. Special Kudos to Jennison who is taking up the cause. We’re going to make this work.

PHP Rock Stars

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Lots of developers go on and on about “wanting to change the world”. Well instead of changing the world with a newfangled “social” network or some other nonsense to please the VCs, how about improving people’s ability to access the Internet. IOW do your day job properly and that by itself will improve lives!

5. I had a couple of security posts this year. One was about properly escaping data in your views. No one does it right. No one cares. Except the hackers p0wn1ng your sites. And your users who get victimized.

By far the post that got the most attention this year was about Schema Injection. By 10am, I had more views on this blog that any other day ever.

Mozilla Firefox Accessibility Extension

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I’ve never really seen anyone else talk about Schema Injection, though the term did exist. Maybe I should expand it into an article for a real online journal. I have some other concerns about NoSQL security, but haven’t totally thought through the implications yet.

I’ll leave you with a call to action for 2012. Please participate in our Global Accessibility Awareness Day. If you run meetups, please cover this topic. If you attend meetups, ask your local organizer to set one up. Talk about it in your blogs. Mention it in podcasts. Thank you.

Happy New Year Folks!

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