Someone please make a website that does this (for programmers):

English: Rasmus Lerdorf (left) at LinuxTag

Image via Wikipedia. Zemanta picked a good picture since there's only one link in the post; to PHP.

The user picks a language. Say PHP for example. And starts a challenge.

The form has two input boxes with:



And the users visiting the site need to provide code in that language, that provides the output expected. And the result can be graded by either the questioner or perhaps the visitors, on speed, terseness and readability.

Obviously if the input is:


and the output is:


and some wiseass posts:

function doh($a){ echo 20; }

that isn’t what we’re looking for. There needs to be a bit of explanation such as “multiply by 2”. And “punishment” for wiseass answers.

What do y’all think?

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