Popular OpenID endpoints

I couldn’t find a nice list of popular OpenID endpoints, so I’m starting one. Help me improve it with corrections, additions. Just ping me.

Only issue is per domain key.

Google Profiles:
Unfortunately, user must enter username. And most people don’t have one.

Some of their docs state that you can just use the Yahoo domain. Not really true. You may get it to work, but it’s buggy and not guaranteed to stay available.

(Thanks George Fletcher)

Microsoft/Windows Live:
I’ve heard different things: They support it. They don’t. They are beta testing it. They removed it.

Stack Overflow doesn’t have an icon for them.
JanRain DOES though.

Not sure if they have special permission or not.
Maybe if you use firebug or the URL Janrain takes you to, you can suss it out.

They’ve got some excellent tools for logging in. They also accept Oauth. Arguably the simplest implementation although Twitter and LinkedIn have come out w/ similar stuff now. Alas, as far as I can tell, no OpenID endpoint.

Hmm. I thought that they accepted OpenID. It looks like Oauth and their javascript implementation is it. Can’t find their OpenID endpoint.

I thought I saw something about LinkedIn supporting OpenID, but can’t find the endpoint. Ping me if you know it. I do have their Oauth support working though and they just improved it yesterday.



(Tx Brian)

Note: I’m not going to personally add an endpoint for every small company that a user is very unlikely to use as their openid, so please don’t ping me to SEO your company. IOW, if you don’t have 100 million users, you aren’t likely to make the list (unless your entire business revolves around OpenID, like ClaimID for example).


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