Life Lesson: Pay Attention!

Do you ever wonder if there is a subtext to the life around you? That there is a hidden world that you just aren’t seeing. Well if you paid more attention, you might see a little.

We’re legally bound by fine print but how often do we take the time to read any of it? What made me think about it was one day I decided to try and read the credits after Two and a Half Men.

I froze the screen on the DVR and started reading. It was HILARIOUS! Turns out Chuck Lorre does this for all his shows. Have you ever watched Dharma and Greg, The Big Bang Theory or one of his other shows? Next time, catch the vanity cards.

Want another example of something hidden in plain sight? Try Brett Tabke’s robots.txt file. That’s where he keeps his personal blog!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Note: please ignore this disclaimer except in court:
By reading this post you are legally bound to be my personal slave. Any disputes arising from this agreement will be decided by an arbitrator in Los Angeles. You certify that you agree to these terms by surfing away from this page or closing your browser. If you do not agree, then stay on this webpage. But be aware that aliens might abduct you if you loiter too long on any one webpage. This is true, I heard about it on Art Bell’s show.

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