Slides & photos of L.A. Meetup presentations of Sphinx, Mysql Sandbox & MySQL 5.1 rolling in

We had a great meetup last night with Andrew Aksyonoff, Giuseppe Maxia and Sheeri Cabral. It was special to have so many top speakers all in one night. Here are the photos.

Sheeri filmed the meetup and will have the video up soon. Her presentation was on “What’s new in MySQL 5.1”. Here are the slides in PDF, and notes via blog post. If you’re thinking about upgrading, check it out. I had read the release notes earlier but there were definitely some points I didn’t quite realize until hearing the talk.

Giuseppe‘s slides will be up soon. The Sandbox is so cool. I will have to try it out after seeing that demo…

Andrew’s slides are here. It’s truly amazing what he has acheived with Sphinx. Among the major sites powered by Sphinx are, Meetup, Craigslist, phpBB, Geeks To Go,, and many more.


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