Belated post about Infobright Meetup

Although I’m very late in posting about our very first Los Angeles MySQL meetup with Carl Gelbart presenting the Infobright Storage Engine for MySQL, now that I have the blog up at WordPress, I wanted to at least mention it.

It was quite interesting to hear about this column-based storage engine. Essentially, each column is indexed which allows for very fast batch processing of massive datasets. This allows for speedy data mining.

There are statistics kept for each column which makes finding data fast in certain situations. I wish I had the slides or at least a link to them somewhere, but alas they don’t seem to be published.


2 responses to “Belated post about Infobright Meetup

  1. We have new release of Infobright, including a new Windows version of ICE. This release features support for 100 functions as well as enhancement to our loader and bug fixes.

    Here are some links that may help with questions about our columnar arhictecture and the Knowledge Grid –

    Infobright Community (wiki, forums, downloads)

    Good write up from MySQL at

    ICE Architecture White Paper at

    Product presentation & demo video –

  2. We release Infobright 3.1 that now has support for over 100 functions as well as loader enhancements and bug fixes. In addition, we now have a Windows version of ICE.

    Here’s some reference material that may help explain how we work –

    ICE White Paper at

    Write up from MySQL at

    Product presentation & demo video –

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